Dr. Victoria Gardner
Balsiger Media Enterprises
P.O. Box 1987
Loveland, Colorado 80539

Dr. Vickie's Postcard

Summary of her career and performance capabilities.
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See Me As Beautiful

download free song here

Many have found this song to be a special favorite.  To give you an idea what Dr. Vickie's music sounds like, and provide an uplift for today, we have made this available to you for free.  You can order CDs or bring Dr. Vickie in for live performances by contacting her management company at the main BME web site or through the address on this page.
Remember, Dr. Vickie is available for live performances, including weddings, banquets, retirement parties, conferences, and many other types of events. Call 970-663-9001 or 663-3820 to discuss your needs today!